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How to Maintaining your Portable Sinks & Bars

Stainless Steel | Aluminum Composite Panels | Acrylic Panels

Stainless Steel Maintenance for Portable Bars & Sinks

Stainless Steel is an amazing material providing an elegant finish that blends with most decors and is very resistant to rust and is often used in fabricating high quality and long lasting products like our PORTA-SINK, PORTA-BAR, PORTA-STATION. Being constructed of Stainless Steel doesn’t necessarily mean that your portable bar or sink will remain spotless, the interior and exterior will need some maintenance to keep in good working order.  Every so often you should dust off and wash your portable bar to prevent dirt and debris from building up.

Exterior Care for Portable Bars & Sinks

Make sure to dust off your portable bar or sink with a soft cloth once or twice every two weeks is enough to keep your unit dust free. Washing your portable bar with some soap and water is a great idea every couple of months to help remove grease or any built up dirt before it causes damage to the panels or frames. Read more on dealing with Scratches & Scuffs down below.

  • Dust & Wipe with Soft Cloth – every couple of weeks
  • Wash with Water & Soap – every couple of months
Interior Care for Portable Bars & Sinks

Most of our units are constructed completely out of Stainless Steel, like the exterior, owners should use some soap and water to remove and accumulated drink spills or debris. Our Portable Sinks & Bars usually have compartments with electrical equipment, for example under the PORTA-SINK is a water heater & water Pump. Be careful when cleaning these compartments to avoid electrical damage.

  • Clean with Soft Cloth reach around electrical equipment
  • Be careful with water heater & pump when cleaning certain compartments

Custom Panels for Portable Bars & Sinks

Our Portable Sinks & Bars are constructed of Stainless Steel, but we do offer certain models with different options for the front, side, & door panels. Aluminum Composite Panels are strong and sturdy panels that provide durability in style. Acrylic Panel doors are also available on certain models, both composite and acrylic panels available in black, blue, red, white.

Aluminum Composite Panels

The simplest procedure is to apply water and rinse  with moderate pressure to remove any dust, dirt, or debris. If this doesn’t clean your aluminum composite panels, then test out cleaning the panels with water sprayer and a sponge. For additional solutions mild detergent or 5-10% IPA solutions will be necessary to be applied with a soft rag or soft sponge. Usually these panels are cleaned from side to side then in a vertical motion, after thoroughly rinsed make sure to air dry it or wipe them down with chamois, cloths, squeegee, or lint-free cloth.

Acrylic Panels

The portable sinks & bar units that have acrylic panel doors look good and you don’t want that to deteriorate. You can wash these doors just like the interior and exterior, wash with water and soap. Never use window cleaning fluids with ammonia, such as Windex or Formula 409, gasoline, alcohol, or acetone. Additionally these acrylic panels can be polished just like your car. They can be polished or waxed by hand after a thorough wash. If the acrylic panels are waxed, then it will be easier to clean regularly since dust and debris will less likely stick to the acrylic.

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