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Mini Hand Sink

1 Compartment Sink

Part #: PORTA-M

Features & Benefits:

  • DIMENSIONS: 14"L x 20"D x 28"H
  • Water Pump installed under the sink
  • Fresh Water Container (3g) & Waste Water Container (3g)
  • 5" Backsplash to protect against water damage from inadvertant splashing.

Stainless Steel Mini Hand Sink

  • Designed for hand-washing purposes where space is extremely limited
  • Constructed of heavy gauge 304 Stainless Steel
  • All the sides, front and back are made out of Stainless Steel
  • Sink is also completely built with Stainless Steel bowl that will hold up under the toughest conditions
  • Only COLD running water - NO hot water
  • Easy to fill and easy to drain, contains one 3G fresh water tank and one 3G waste water tank
  • Our small and compact design makes storage hassle free