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Portable Hand Sink

4 Compartment Sink

Part #: PORTA-4

Features & Benefits:

  • DIMENSIONS: 51"L x 25"D x 46"H
  • Water Pump & Water Heater installed under the sink
  • Fresh Water Container (5g) & Waste Water Container (7g)
  • 5" Polyurethane Casters, 2 with safety-locking / brakes
  • 5" Backsplash to protect against water damage from inadvertant splashing.

4 Compartment Portable Sink, Stainless Steel

We proudly present the ultimate in comfort 4 Compartment Portable Sink designed for cleaning cooking vessels, utensils, and wash hands or clean wipes and cutting machine. It is constructed with heavy gauge 304 stainless steel body and has sliding cabinet doors and sides made of sturdy and durable environment friendly colored Aluminum Composite panels, prepared to tackle tough and harsh outdoor weather conditions. 4 Compartment Portable Sink bowls are made of corrosion free environment friendly metal. There are two separate swivel and turn faucets to aid in comfortable cleaning and rinsing.

The provision of hot and cold running water is powered by 110VAC power supply point. Easy water fill and drain provision for storing 5-gallon fresh water and 7-gallon wastewater after use. The 4 Compartment Portable Sink has compact and swanky shapes and designs are meant to occupy minimum space, polyurethane safety-locking system casters with extra brakes for added support and steady operation are incredible.

  • Designed for cleaning utensils and cooking equipment, as well as for hand-washing
  • Constructed of heavy gauge 304 Stainless Steel that can stand the outside environment and are easy to clean
  • Swing cabinet doors
  • Hot and cool running water - 110VAC
  • Easy to fill and drain: Contains (1) 5 gallon fresh water tank and (1) 7 gallon waste water tank
  • Adjustable faucets swivel and turns to make it easy to wash and rinse
  • Our small and compact design makes storage hassle free
  • Polyurethane safety-locking casters for easy mobility 4" swivel casters, 2 of them with brakes.