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Portable Beverage Bar 2.0

Includes: 2x Ice Bins & 2x Seed Rails

Part #: PSB-1

Features & Benefits:

  • DIMENSIONS: 96"L x 24"D x 42"H
  • 5" Polyurethane Casters, 2 with safety-locking / brakes
  • 5" Side Splash to protect against water inadvertant splashing
  • Includes 2 Ice Bins and 2 Speed Rails on each end of the bar for ease of access
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Portable Beverage Bar 2.0

  • Body Frame is Constructed of Heavy Gauge 304 Stainless Steel
  • Colored, Durable Aluminum Composite Panels installed that can Stand the Outside Environment and are Easy to Clean (Black / Red)
  • Strong and attractive design - serve your aduince fast and easy
  • Polyurethane safety-locking casters for easy mobility 4" swivel casters, 2 of them with brakes
  • 2x Speed Rails for beverages are installed on the front for ease of access
  • Optional: Stainless Steel side and back panels for an extra $500.00*